Your Empowered Whisper

VOICE, how do we take the energy,courage and empowerment we have on this earth plane and project it into our audible voice when you need to make yourself heard about something important? (Don't forget to use your empowerment to tell those around you of your love and appreciation for them as well!)
Can you project across a room in a whisper or powerfully to the person standing beside you?  What emotions can you project and how empowered is your whisper?  Try this simple exercise, watching yourself in the mirror.  Your facial movements say much.  You can also add simple hand gestures to amplify your message.  Create a short confrontational scenario such as you wanting to have a change while another person does not.  Set your intention:  I want to forcefully but lovingly send this message: "I want this to change!".   Breathe deeply and draw energy from the earth up thru your body.  Breathe out holding it in your heart chakra area then breathe again several times.  Look at the intended recipient's left eye if possible, (its connected to their right brain and will be more susceptible to intuitive and nonrational communication). If you work with Source or a form of Higher Power, ask also for assistance and guidance from there. (See yourself in the mirror for practice) and first say "I hold you in love but I need you to hear me!" then form and say the words of your message silently breathing your power and energy into them.  Try saying the same thing saying out loud very softly.  Then in a moderate voice and finally say it loudly and boldly.  Can you say this boldly even when your voice is very soft?  Feel the energy of your intention as you gather it in every fiber of your body.  Do that in a very aware way. Practice so that you can feel the power of your collected energy and put it in every syllable of what you say when the times comes that you need to do that.  Use only the volume necessary to be heard.  Less is generally more in these cases and when you have spoken, say to yourself or out loud if appropriate. " I hold you in love. Thank you for hearing me!" 
  When your message has been received, take an Oxytocin breath, a deep breath and let it out slowly with an audible sigh that starts at a higher pitch and goes lower as your breath diminishes.   Allow all the emotions you were using to be released with the breath and relax.  Do this as many times as needed to feel relaxed.  Then you will be ready to move back into more normal interaction with the other person and disperse any remnants of confrontational energy between you. Practice until you are familiar with the feelings of collecting energy and using it in this way. It will not work with every person but it will create a more empowered you when you speak.
Blessings, Light and Empowered Voices,

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