I said to my friend Ishtar,”My bones are happy.  They know I am doing just as I should”. And today I realized there was a visceral sense of power that came to me from the colors and materials that I wore, that followed the scented trail of my rose and vediver oils, and that the colors were those of my Spiritmate, wishing to walk with me thru the day in my defense and keeping me company


Gratitude for all that is, is a magic that changes lives.   I learned slowly, always thinking I was miles ahead of where I stood, but my belief eventually made it so.   One of the things I have learned recently is how very magical belief is, the living of our lives beyond the possible, how it holds open the portal and beckons in reality from different planes that seem to all exist simultaneously. It is the stuff of magical shows but far beyond any magician to perform, unless they are existing in the real sense of that word.  I learned it is a powerful and potentially dangerous thing as well, not the stuff of kiddie birthday parties.  It is the stuff our own universal birth.... days, a way of working with time and reality that new being brings as we shed the veils of forgetting and begin to remember who we really are.


And like the fabled but truly real journey of Inanna of mythical times, we hang raped on the peg of death and transformation in our journeys to the dark nights of our souls. We rot and putrefy not knowing how we are being.  We find our old ways of ego self dying in our bodies as we shift this way and that, looking for our familiar selves.


As a shaman doing work that often makes no sense to others, I find my life moves in unthinkable ways on many levels. To paraphrase a friend:


Caring what others think is…………..dying, nailed to the wall

Being right………………………………….dying, nailed to the wall

Following all the rules………………… dying, nailed to the wall

Looking into the mirrored window

reflection to see if I am still pretty… dying, nailed to the wall


And what strides, dancing forth from that deep underworld of living life thru the eyes of others, is the power filled beings that we are, transformed and Remembering who we truly werearewillbe, shimmering with the energy of Knowing and able to live our own truth beyond the possible.  Belief in living Beyond the possible is the key to the magic portals that open to call in all that seems far beyond reality.  It is the shaman’s first tool, the most important.


Light and footfalls thru your days to bring you beyond what is possible

And so much love,


Waterfall Angel.