There is a delicate balance between aggression, defending the Light, yourself and others AND using darkness as a means and method of doing that. This piece of art shows the two opposite sides of that spectrum.

In our culture, we often equate strength and power with an exhibition of our power OVER another.  The other swing of that pendulum is allowing others to infringe on our own rights and hurt things with little or procrastinated responses.  I don't claim to have any answers to this connundrum.  Wiseones of all faiths have addressed it and what I see is that there is no one answer. And while I generally support nonviolence in all situations, I'll quote something called Berek's code from the book Trilogy called The Ilearth Wars by Stephan R. Donaldson:

    "Do not hurt when holding is enough;   
     do not wound when hurting is enough;
     do not maim where wounding is enough;  
     and kill not where maiming is enough;
     The greatest warrior is he who does not need to kill."

I read that 30 years ago and somehow I have never forgotten it, yet I always seek a nonviolent solution to the situations of my life and the world's.  Is there a one way solution?

In most of the times of human occupation of this earth there has been this dilemma.  As long as we hold souly to our masculine energy views and the philosophies which grown out of that, we will not be able to see or implement other alternatives.  May we all, male and female alike, be blessed with stronger feminine energy which offers us the opportunity to see from other points of view and change our sense of priorities to ones that are more humane and accepting of differences, more able to visualize and manifest in nonviolent ways...more able to open to life beyond the Possible.

Blessings and Light,