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I Channel Information for Myself and Others

How do you approach making decisions?

Recently I had a dream that seem insignificant at first then thinking on it further I was given much information about how we make choices in our lives.  The dream was this:

Twin old men with balding heads of white hair pulled up beside me in a car with their window rolled down, both in the front seat.  I was walking down the street of a small town.  One was alert and driving the car. He could see perfectly.  The other was a passenger and as he turned to me, I saw both of his eyes were put out.  He was blind and unable to see at all.  The one driving was talking thru their open window and trying to tell me what to do with a decision I was making.  I didn't want to hear what he said as I knew he didn't really know how I felt and what I truly needed to do.  The blind one said nothing.

As I thought about this dream, I was told the "Seeing One" couldn't know what I needed to do but I didn't think to ask the "Blind One" his opinion.   I had asked for dreams about a decision I needed to make as I went to bed and was given this analogy which I didn't recognize at first.  The Blind Twin represents Sacred Heyoka vision.  It is a non-rational vision of life that goes beyond what makes sense to most.  It is based in trust of a higher power and believing that even the impossible is possible for the Universe.  The Seeing Twin represents our rational self and the traditional ideas of common sense solutions but is much handicapped as he cannot see beyond what he knows. "The Driver, the Seeing Twin" is one who SEES but may not know. He lives in our brain. The Blind Twin is one who KNOWS  but may not See (How.)  He lives in our intuition.
Do you make all your decisions according to ration or do you consider your soul needs and the possibilities of the Unknown?   Consider the Blind Twin's Knowing as well as the Seeing Twin's Ration.

Beautiful and Helpful Dreams,

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