Time: the heart has its own time zones,
             its own special seasons
             and they often don't mesh
             with our own.

     Death and destruction are part of that which seldom fits into our lives in any sort of planned way.  The upheaval in the world today, both far and close, is sending shock waves through all of us.  In my life,  my father died recently, a friend committed suicide, 4 young teenagers I had ties with were just killed in a terrible accident. Others, well know by all, have died  and the world at large is hesitating, waiting...... to see how much more we will look to violence to maintain the control so deemed necessary by those in charge.  They are so often those who have taken charge wrongfully as has been done myriad times through our long history, both remembered and unknown. 

    It is difficult to think of death as a part of our life and yet it is.  Daily I look at this body and say as it ages, "Why must you change so, letting me down, drawing me toward my end."  Yet there are also still pond reflections I see, where I am just the mist, the creative energy that forms us all, one with the universe, and I watch, unharmed, unsaddened as I see my many lives flow in and out of my soul's existence.  There is no pain, no ending, only chapters in my learning and I move thru experience after experience, the process of my changing bodies helping me to prepare and move my focus from without to within, from local to universal, from an individual to a part of the whole. 

     This feels to me, this time right now, like the place of new beginnings, the zero point, the space between the lightening and the thunder.  It is a place to be, and be, and be in silence...............waiting till light blooms, is born again from the darkness and we move on, feet feeling the way where we cannot see, with the trust born of connection to our source. It is a Source that is far beyond worded descriptions in books or sermons from prophets.  It grows from deep with in our bones and DNA and blood, those parts of us that carry what is most truly us, from one life to the next.  They exist in their physicality and in energy only form, and ground and root in ways beyond the known.  So I say a prayer for new beginnings and for light to bloom in a timely way so that we may cross this chasm in safety to the other side and find a path that widens with growing familiarity

Prayer of New Beginnings

Guide me Beautiful Ones
as I place my foot on this new path
not knowing even how it is new.
I sense only in some ancient way
that I have passed through an ending
and am now to begin once more.
There is a powerful awareness
that I move yet again into a
New Unknown.
I stand for a while
in the time of no time
listening to the Star People and
Thunder Beings as they
Push and call
setting me forth unsighted
yet guided in this iridescent way
no wider than my footfall.

Falling is flying
in greater freedom
greater trust till

once again I sense the
and the rhythms of this new beginning.
They become familiar,
people landscapes
creating worlds where I can enter and
live for a time in more comfort
as I come to my

New Being.

Blessings of stillness and patience and trust,
 Much love,
Feather Esoterica

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