Oxytocin As A Source of Empowerment

There is information which is helpful to us in our work as beings searching for our truth and empowerment, so that we will be able respond to situations in our lives rather than react, to let go of our need for approval and competition, to calm Crazy Mother when she visits us with heightened fears.   One of those things is a raised level of Oxytocin in our bodies.  I am not a scientist or a medical person but the general information that science now presents to us is this: 

is a hormone that both men and women have naturally in addition to adrenaline.  In the past, Oxytocin has traditionally been associated with stimulating women's bodies  to give birth,  to care for and breast feed their infants.  While this is true, it is now being shown to have many other valuable aspects that benefit all humanity of both sexes.  Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter, or a substance that takes messages from one area of the brain to another and to our body to create actions. Science now tells us that we cannot fall in love without it and today higher levels of oxytocin are being associated with bonding, caring for others, reducing stress levels and a longer and happier life.  It has been administered nasally to people with autistic behaviors or those who are challenged by interacting with others in socially acceptable ways.   It was not a cure for these things but is seen to contribute positively in many cases.  Laboratory rats in close quarters who were given doses of oxytocin were better able to tolerate a cagemate in such conditions, than those without.

 But there is no pill or injection that humans can use to accomplish this as oxytocin beaks down too quickly in our systems and doesn't get to the brain where it is needed to promote change.  For more information on the science of this you may want to do your own research, but suffice it to say that this hormone, when  in our bodies at raised levels, can help us to relax, enjoy those around us more and let go of stress that causes us to react rather than respond.  It makes it more possible to let go of many of the things that alarm and cause us fear.   We are more able to live in loving relationships and keep them in  good repair, even to have better sexual relationships.  Here are a few suggestions for raising your oxytocin levels  so you can respond rather than react from the adrenaline fight or flight mode that holds our world captive today.

1. Oxy Breath - Inhale deeply and say out loud if possible, "Hahhhhhhhh" on a descending pitch as you release all the air in your lungs and allow your muscles to release all tension as well.  Repeat several times till you feel at ease and relaxed.
2. Gently repetitive touch for a period of time such as stroking a partner or petting an animal.  Holding another in a warm way.
3 . Warm environments such as hot tubs, especially if shared with a friend or partner, also raise oxytocin levels.
4. Speaking from a relaxed body in relaxed melodious tones while looking directly into another's eyes, GENTLY.