Friendship: Rooted in the Magic Blood of Women

Obsolete Evolutionary Behaviors

 Our need for approval is pervasive and insidious...I should know I'm discovering it in my own behaviors in unsuspected places as well as the obvious ones.  It had its rightful place when it was a part of our survival methods, part of keeping the tribe safe.  We behaved in ways that were approved of by the group because they endangered no one and kept us all safe.  The wise ones or perhaps, like today, those with more personal power told us how we should live.  How often have you not done something because another person might not approve, or like it or understand?  And how often was it something that was meaningful and important to you?  As women, so often we stifle our voice, literally choke it back, swallow it and give our bodies physical illness because we are not able to live thru our own eyes but instead feel compelled to seek the approval of others we love or fear or admire.....

 Women are beautiful and empowered beings but sometimes we have not yet found our power and so we live our lives thru the eyes of others.  This is an obsolete behavior and it is time for us to change it.  We need to strengthen our feminine energy and to teach our children and our men how to become comfortable with  that beautiful energy which includes the strength and information that comes to us thru intuition.  Intuition is not just an old wives tale.  It is real and a tool that we can use in our everyday lives.  As a shaman woman, I know and use its power all the time.  It is one of the ways we tap into our inner guidance whether we call that Goddess, God, Great Spirit or Higher Power.  Combined with true compassion rather than competition, it is one of the most powerful forces on this earth plane.  Together they can rebalance and realign the energies of our world and help to sort out the chaos, but women have to first understand that energy in their own lives, and then teach it to the men and children.  I was once told by another shaman doing a reading for me that women must be men's teachers, not the other way around.  And that language was invented to help men learn to communicate where as women didn't really need language.  I think there is a lot of truth to that given that most men live much more in a "rationally understood" world that is driven by adrenaline's fight or flight mode and few trust their intuition or are able to feel comfortable expressing their emotions.  That too is an Obsolete Evolutionary Behavior.  Fight or flight was really necessary in ancient times just for survival but it can no longer be the driving force of our world.  It is a force for destruction and when it is the judge of how we need to live our lives, we must let go of our need to have the approval of those who operate in that way.  We must now take  our own strengths and learn more and more about how to explore and  use them, both to be the best of who we are and to bring change to our world.  I will continue to post information about how we can increase our levels of empowerment as women and share with you some specific exercises and tools that can be helpful for you in doing this.  I am also more than happy to share guidance with you as individuals.  If that is of interest please look at my  private study possibilities.

Blessings and hope,