Women of Joy and Power

Recently I added a marvelous experience to my life.  I expected it to be mostly on the earth plane and about aiding women to create business opportunities for themselves.  I was half right A broader explanation of it would have been women teaching other women the business of becoming the most far seeing and large- visioned versions of themselves possible.  There was RAW POWER in this group of over 600 women who learned about the use of oxytocin, and collaboration. What is oxytocin and how easy is it for you to allow someone else into your fields of endeavor?  What exactly does collaboration mean to you? That has not always been easy for me and so this openness was new.

I was invited along with 70 others to this event as one who works with healing energy.  In some respects I live an insular life so don't do a lot of conventions etc. but this felt like a call from the powers to whom I am responsible, so I went, not knowing exactly what to expect.  I have always felt BraveHeart Women, the sponsor,  was a great group who seek to empower all women, but have never been really involved with them.  Yet at this event, which was a good combination of both spirit led experiences, teachings to help women understand the differences between feminine and masculine energies and how to work with that, and entrepreneurial work, I was given very specific clarity about my spiritual work as well. Now I understood the jargon meaning of " Don't play small", saw the balance of Be*Create*Collaborate and understood  the needed balance of Personal purpose, Professional purpose and Global purpose.  Now it's time to roll up my sleeves and begin that work I saw laid out for me, to create the realities I saw in my New Clarity.  I'll make notes here of the path that creates so we may all learn from it.