Wild Magic Woman: Inner Innocent Self
                                            Feather - Copyright 2011

Making the Invisible, Visible

Shamanism holds within its many forms, from as many cultures, the innate knowing that it is often the invisible, that which has no physical shape, that we fear most....illness, abandonment, death,  being seen by the world, speaking out for ourselves...................
It understands that by creating a physical image of that which we fear most, we make it much more accessible to our control.  If the fear feels cold, has a tightness in our solar plexus, a pain between our shoulder blades, we can take bits of this and that which give us some connection to those feelings and put them all together as a small fetish or a little bundle of the collected items.  We can create a small picture or collage of the colors and shapes that intuitively relate to the fears we have.  Once having a physical form, we can look at the fear and actually see it, talk to it, destroy it if we choose, bind it up so we have some sense of control over it.  All these things can be very helpful to us as we search for ways to deal with that which we fear.

Using the concept of making the invisible, visible also allows us to create images of things like our souls, or femininity or strength.  By doing that, we give them a new dimension and allow ourselves the opportunity to greet them and become familiar with them in a different way.  Recently I  wrote about courage, both what it is and how it looks.  Today, I share a picture with you of my inner Wild Woman, an invisible part of me.  She seems a child in some ways but also one of great innocence who has not yet been educated in the ways of our culture.  She retains my original connection with the universe and my true self. 

Begin to connect with the invisible but very important parts of yourself  as you think about these questions:

What do you fear and how does it feel or look......dark, cold or heavy. bright red?
Where do you feel it in your body....solar plexus, throat, legs?
What does your Wild Inner Being look like?
How does it act...shy, bold, laughs, dances, screams at you?
Do you ever feel it standing with you on occasion. ...what would it say to you?
Do you miss them?

Take a moment and search to see if you may contact your fears and/or your wild self and perhaps have a conversation.  We all need to know the invisible parts of our selves more intimately, to make the invisible, visible.

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