I enter a moving, twisting path

that has shapes much like my life,

Now close,

Now far

from the answers to my questions.

But as I move,

see colors

shift directions,

I can somehow

Shift my Seeing and


or find Acceptance Fills
my glass.

The path is clearer now,

more peaceful,

more sure to me,

and I give thanks to those who helped me here,

and I walk away

full of grace and gratitude

for twisting paths that led to clarity.


My work with finger labyrinths this year, small portable versions of traditional labyrinths that are traversed with your fingers rather than your feet,  has been such an opening of a new and beautiful doorway, a portal to healing and amazing information.  Information I have received or channeled, told me that labyrinths were originally given as a gift to the human race eons ago by those we no longer remember or name.  They were a physical practice within a physical structure that allowed us to more easily shift from our normal worldly attention to what is sometimes called second attention or a shaman state.  When in this place, you see and hear all around you but are removed from it in some ways and connected to Spirit on another level.  You are able to receive information directly about a question you may have posed or something that is simply being gifted to your knowing.   This information can come as sounds, complete talks, pictures, changes in temperature and much more.  There is no right way to receive information and you may not have an immediate understanding of anything you received. Sometimes that comes at a time later in the future. Sometimes the gift of a labyrinth is as simple and as wondrous as a pervasive feeling of joy, peace or well being.  I have also found that you may ask to work with many different beings or spirits when walking a labyrinth, but always get their permission first, simply by asking if they would be willing to help you.  You can do this by silently saying a simple request or question just before entering the labyrinth.  This is also known as setting your intent for your journey there and should be done whether actually walking a labyrinth or using a finger labyrinth.  

I have done quite a lot of work with the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet in this way and she is both fierce and powerful but also very helpful when I approach her with respect.  The labyrinth has no prejudices about your choice of being to help you there.  It requires only your trust, full attention and respect for the process.  You may request assistance from God, Spirit or the Keeper of the Labyrinth itself.  You may also ask to speak with relatives or friends who have died.  Try asking different beings for their help and you will find that you work well with one or more specific ones. 

There are many other things to learn about labyrinths.  They are the holders of many secrets but seem wiling to share them if we choose to do our work there.  I would be interested in any experiences or information you may wish to share about your own work with labyrinths.  Feel free to send me an email at:  

Silent Snow Blessings,