Abundance and Harmony    Watercolor 9 x12 "  copyright 2012 Feather Redfox

Harmonics and Harmony, flowing with the movement of things, being the water within the water....think about that....water...within the water. Its a bit like being a separate individual part of the great Source of all and flowing as an individual within that great energy. Harmony can be a sound, a pitch and a flow of movement, a feeling about the state of our souls and the song they are singing to us. Do they sing of beauty or of the depths and darkness. Actual singing is such a good remedy for raising our harmonic. Even if we can't carry a tune, the sound of our voices interacts with the energies of our chakras, our body's fluids to vibrate them in so many ways. The wavelength of that vibration is what we need to change and create in joy, to help our harmonic, to raise our energy levels. I like to think of it as creating a beautiful river of flowing energy whose sounds slide softly and sometimes thrash round the stones in our path creating a whole symphony of energetics. Using sounds to work with our harmonics is just one way, one kind of opportunity to create a movement and a force of beauty and change.

May beautiful Harmonics bless you,