So many women are taught by their cultures that they must always speak with soft tones of kindness, with consideration for the feelings of others.  I truly believe in showing compassion and judging little or not at all, but there are times when we have something of true importance to say, and we just have to shout, yell if you will and allow our passion to show in our words. In this way we claim our boundaries, teach the things that need to be taught. They may be yells turned up in volume or of deadly quiet but, we have to pour out our words with power. That is not to say we should slander or be hateful,  simply that we must learn to speak with conviction and power. Sometimes, sometimes the element of surprise, of hearing such power come from the mouths of those who are normally quiet spoken, and non-confrontational, can allow those who hear no one, to hear YOU. Those of you who work with a power animal will find it helpful to pull their energy in for this work.   And remember that you must do this work with the intent to be heard.  Its not just about releasing anger though that is often a part of empowering your voice.  Our lesson is to learn to take those powerful emotions and to use them in an intentful way as a path to reach those who are not able to hear us, and still be able to hold all of that in compassion.

Blessings and powerful voices,

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