Healing Mandala
                        copyright 2011 by FeatheR

A Meditation for Drawing in the LIGHT

As the actions of many move us more and more into darkness, IT IS TIME TO DRAW IN THE LIGHT in our personal lives so that it may help illuminate our world.
While we must all come to witness our own fears, to know their texture, their color and where it is they live in our bodies, we need now to give our energy to the LIGHT.

Stand on this sacred Earth and root your energy down through legs and feet deeply into the ground.  Feel the warmth of Mother Earth's fires, sense their LIGHT and open your heart to be filled with that energy.  Rooted still, raise your arms and eyes to the lights in your sky and draw down with your "in" breath, the sun, the stars, the moon and galaxies into your lungs, till you vibrate and resonate, till you are full. Breathe out and relax. Repeat as needed.  Be in that energy permeated round.  Know that light is courage and with that, step toward the fears that seem your foes.  In the end, fears can be allies and teachers, if you see them with no passion.  They show you your weakness, force you to build your strength.  And if you continue in trust, walk knowing only the next step, ask Goddess to help you walk strongly, you will grow and fly further than you ever imagined, one wing beat at a time. And the world will be enlightened with the energy you gathered by bringing in that LIGHT.

Blessings and LIGHT,

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