Ask, Release, Trust, Receive

What exactly is courage?
Sometimes I have wondered that...doing the impossible, continuing step after step when the way is unclear, not shedding a tear or crying out loud. 
I used to think being courageous meant never crying, or at least not in public.
I know better now.

Doing the impossible, people do that every day but no one gives them a medal; yet sometimes that is the bravest thing we can do.
How do you paint something about courage?  Is that possible?  We can paint ACTS of courage but what does the quality itself look like?  What is it's color or texture, its shape?
What scent does it have I wonder...Is it strong and grounding like vediver or sweet like a rose with cloves?

Perhaps in the end, courage looks and smells and feels different for each one of us, as different as our individual ways of living it.  Perhaps it is fluid like the flow of life that we choose to enter into or walk against.  It may be expressed by either of those I believe.

Courage -
Perhaps it is the particular expansion of an individual
that takes them beyond their normal realm of possibility.

May we all be filled with courage.

Many Blessings,

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