Compassionate Awareness

Sometimes there is such a compassionate
love for others,
even for one who has moved
toward me in duplicitous ways. 
And I step aside lightly, vibrating
with the resonance of their energy on my own

I SEE and yet I
am in Compassionate
no blame
no anger
only pure love.
And I watch as they struggle to
snag, to take.....
my energy
that would have been freely given
if they had been truthful in their asking.

I move more strongly on the labyrinth path
to the center
of my life.


Current growth for this time seems to be about being in a total awareness  but still able to remain
simultaneously in complete compassion for those who interact with us, often in less than open ways.  The Universe is presenting us with so many lessons that sometimes it seems the pages of our Lifebooks are constantly paging forward without a pause for ingestion or rest.  More and more I am able to use the labyrinth as an Ancient/New tool for my discernment of what is real, and where my path leads.

 In June I will begin a series of teleclasses and teleworkshops that teach how to draw the classical labyrinth, a form of meditation in itself, how to create a strong connection with your intuitive self and how to use the labyrinth in less familiar ways for guidance and rest.  I hope you will be able to join me for the Free Teleclass and later Teleworkshop coming soon so that I can share
with you some of the insights I have been given.

Goddess Mother/Great Spirit--

Bless us with the strength and clarity of heart-vision we need to move forward in these whirlwind times, the insight and intent to move above those winds, the better to see the directions of their swirls as we stretch our wings of empowered knowing to glide in their updrafts.

Rooted and flying love energy to all,

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