Deep in this Solstice and before, I felt such a longing for the Sacred Feminine energy calling to me.  Its a restlessness and a soul based knowing that something is missing from my own life and from the world.  It goes beyond a missing of the Goddess and an honoring of women to a sensing of her Spiritmate's absence as well.  Where is that Sacred Masculine in our times?  I have dreamed about them both.

In one dream I watched two children, a young girl and boy, almost fairy-like with beautiful radiance shimmering about them, as they danced quietly around the white hospital bed of a male being who seemed only a shadow of himself.  At the foot of his bed stood a beautiful and strong Female presence, quiet and in knowing of his great despair.  The children wanted to help but not to disturb the sleeping one.  They blew a blanket of shimmering rainbow bubbles over his entire bed as they danced around, then somehow also blew bouquets of roses into vases on either side of him.  The woman smiled at them and then a male voice said this sleeping one was ill from lack of love and respect for his place in the world.  His Sacred Male presence in our lives could be healed, but only by a return to that love and deep respect for all that he represented.  It explained that the masculine energy, in both men and women, does many things for us such as offering protection and a kind of caring for us.  It guides us to care for ourselves and others in active physical ways.  This deep caring and need to protect and sustain comes from a true heart love or soul love, but in much of today's world, the male energy both in men and in women, is trained or acculturated to be an ego centric self love instead. Things are done by us because of how they make us look to others.  The traditional masculine energy then become distorted by our egos and we do things out of a need to feel powerful  or strong rather than out of a true caring for the self and others. It is this type of energy that feels a powerful car or big muscles from working out at the gym can take the place of powerful love and genuine communication.

Certainly there are many beautiful men, in the most profound sense of the word, who fill the Sacred Masculine role today, but there are so many more who don't and so many women too who feel strength and power disallow any of the wonderful feminine energy traits such as emotion and intuition.  Masculine and Feminine Energies go beyond whether we are men, women or gender blended or other.  They have to do more with how we perceive the world and live within it.  Calling back the Goddess and her Spiritmate is really about calling back a deep respect for that beautiful sensitivity and knowing that exists in each of us at our deepest levels.  It is this depth of feeling and ability to see beyond surface issues that allows us to truly respect one another for the beings we are, not for the images that we project.  It allows women to respect themselves and to be respected by others as well for their body's magic.  It celebrates their uniqueness instead of burning them and causing them to hide their sacred knowledge.  It also celebrates men's special masculine magic and  that mystic, as well as the sacred energy of the androgyn, non man, non woman and  the other.  Each of us is sacred and offers our uniqueness.  It ties us all to the earth and her cycles, promotes awareness of all around us and our complete interconnectedness with an awe that is life and universe preserving. It allows us to flow, one into the other, in a kind of balancing and unifying movement of "connection with", rather than "power over", one another.

Solstice offers us so many different aspects and opportunities for change, for movement.  Let us birth a new honoring balance from this life giving darkness, of all our sacred selves.

Sacred Solstice Blessings,

Song of Calling Back the Goddess

Beautiful Goddess---------------------
Where are you gone?
I sorrow for your loving energy
that has been stolen away from me.
I sense your presence
warm and musky,
sweet and wild in the
Void where once you lived.

Hiding,  hiding-------------
you are hidden away.
In the moon
In the moss
In shimmering snow
glazing tree branches framing space;

You hide in the-in-betweens.
Between the branches
Between the day and night
Between the lightening and the thunder.

I feel your strong warmth
as a comfort
holding me like the
Kapok tree down under which I sleep.

Sacred Mother
hear my songs;
hear my prayers.
One star bit at a time
I am calling you back.
I live deep within your eyes
and your heart
beats through
my own.


Goddess is Calling Me

Goddess is calling me
I feel her presence
in the moistness
of the down-slanting rain
thru the wind talk of
my little chime as it sings
beyond all my dreams,
And I answer through my sleep,
"Here I am;
 Here I am",
 as I lie in the
Purple tents of the soon-to-come day.

Goddess calls...
I wake to hear her whispered call float forward
from the painted cave,
and I love
Her gentle presence
and the strength
of its persistence
though I sometimes
Fear Her Death.

I welcome the
silent throated whisper
As I see
Dawn paint the not quite morning


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