Calling Back the Goddess

Quickly the sun approaches that time of standing still that we call Solstice.  For some time now, I have felt the call of the Goddess, felt the absence of her feminine energy presence in this sore world .  I know its return is imperative to the healing of our Earth and ways of living.  We seek from her three aspects of feminine energy to bring balance to the adrenaline "fight or flight" paradigm under which we live:
            *Intuition and intuitive guidance rather that only ration as our guide.
            *Compassion and Action rather than Reaction
            *Vulnerability and giving energy to positive things, being FOR rather than negative energy that             is always AGAINST.

Goddess is Calling Me

Goddess is calling me
I feel her presence
in the moistness
of the down-slanting rain
thru the wind talk of
my little chime as it sings
beyond all my dreams,
and I answer through my sleep,
 "Here I am;
Here I am",
as I lie in the
Purple tents of the soon-to-come-day.

Goddess calls...
I wake to hear her whispered call float forward
from the painted cave,
and I love
Her gentle presence
and the strength
of its persistence....Endurance
moves her beyond my fears
that She is gone.


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Winter Blessings