Eyes of the Sun

A Solstice Meditation - An Esoteric Teaching

As I meditated in  the dreamtime, I was with an ancient mask of the Sun from an Aztec Temple.  The face image above is much like that mask I saw, but it includes an image of a temple in the middle and round disks of the sun darkened in the night on the left and in light on the right as in the day.These were times when the sacred cradled and informed the ordinary.  I heard a voice intone and say:

" Oh that I might see with the Eyes of the Sun." 
It was as though an ancient one was doing a ritual for Solstice with the Sun God and asking that they might see and think and the sun thinks and sees. It continued speaking as the Sun. " At that time between the worlds, (of light and dark), when my eyes of fire pierce unending beams across all that is and is not in that place between day and night, my laser beams pounding out and out till stopped by nothingness, perhaps a heavier void than this one, their fraying light edges curl round and round back upon one another like a giant feathered serpent of whom I am the pulsing head", said the Sun.  "So much light is there in the darkness, a visceral form that moves in a few instants back to catch the opposite world once more in creeping pools of strengthening light bringing warmth now where it had been cool.  The temples hold my sacred ones, (priests and worshipers,) ever watchful ever guarding any cracks between the worlds of darkness and of light to call me back, call me back from wayward sojourn leaving my appointed paths and constant runs." (The Sun is saying that their ceremony and devotion keep the Sun focused on its appointed normal paths rather than having it go astray.)  "Should ever they cease their vigil, who knows if I should remember the sacred rounds, the sacred wheels of day and night and seasons", mused the Sun.  Their festivals, their meditations decorate and mark the road I am to travel".

Once the sacred was known to create the beautiful possibility of everyday life.  How do I bring that into my world today?  How aware am I of the power of my simple daily ceremony, from journaling or singing my gratitude, to prayer, to lighting a candle and re-energizing and clearing my chakras?  In my ceremonies, am I able to move into a conscious awareness of the power I create and from there to guide it to good ends?  That is a lesson I need to bring from the ancients even more strongly into my daily life.  I am more and more convinced, the forward movement and growth we seek, in some aspects, comes from the way back.

Many Solstice Teachings and Blessings,

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